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What makes The Bombay Cafe the best Indisk Restaurant in Oslo

Going out with friends, family or even by ourselves was something impossible when the pandemic hit us. It all turned virtual within a matter of days. Though normality is returning slowly, we are moving towards a virtual-dominant future. To avoid getting entrapped in the virtual world, we must take time to go out and meet people in person, with social distancing measures, of course. At Bombay Cafe, we ensure maximum safety and hygiene is maintained all the time. Different people visit us every day, hoping to enjoy their day by themselves or their loved ones. With our food and best hospitality, they leave with a note to come back soon again.

Finding an Indian Restaurant that offers North as well as South Indian food is difficult. Being the best Indian restaurant Oslo has got, Bombay Cafe takes pride in serving various dishes from all over India. None of our dishes is overrated. They all hold a special place in our hearts. Our dishes are made with organic and unique flavours of spices from all parts of India.

We make every dish with utmost care and love, from our piping hot dosas to flavourful butter chicken. So taking just one bite of our delightful cuisine makes you feel good. Our quick bites such as Paani Poori, Vadai and Bondas are sure to make your day. As you step out to buy essentials, drop by at The Bombay cafe Indisk restaurant. We will surely leave you satiated and content at heart. In addition to this, if you are an Indian, you would never miss home food again. We prepare every dish, keeping in mind the ages of tradition that our ancestors have passed on to us.

Besides offering delightful cuisine, Bombay Cafe is a great place to collaborate and socialise. Now you can reserve tables for small-size parties and get-togethers. So what’s more comforting than meeting your favourite people over your all-time favourite food?

Call us at +47 934 92 090 to know more.

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