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Diwali with family - happiness, lights and festivity

Updated: Nov 4

Diwali is a celebration of lights. A day that every individual in the family awaits to share happiness and spread positivity. In India, Diwali is celebrated almost across all states, and there is no religious boundary when it comes to this celebration. It is also a great shopping season as families take a trail across Bazaars to buy new clothes, sweets and firecrackers. Shopping would begin at least a month before the day of Diwali.

A typical Diwali day would begin with prayer. Then, most non-vegetarian families choose to have Idlies with Chicken curry while vegetarians have Vada and coconut Chutney, followed by sweets distribution. Each family in the neighbourhood exchanges sweets and savouries and wishes each other a happy Diwali. Elderly ones in the family would bless the kids. From adorning oneself with new clothes, firecrackers, to dining in together with family, the whole day would be filled with nothing but laughter and joy.

Families would also book tickets for new-release movies in the theatre, especially to join the “First day, first show” bandwagon. For lunch, the dining table would be filled with appetizers, main course- usually Biryani or plain rice with Mutton curry and sweets, of course. The day would end with lighting diyas to brighten the no-moon day. Until next time, the whole family would bid farewell the Diwali with yet another grand dinner. This tradition has been carried across the seas and Indians living around the globe add sparkle to this day by replicating these festive customs, wherever they live.

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Have a joyous Diwali 2021!

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