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The Story of The Bombay Cafe

Bombay is a land of dreams, a place known for cinema, architecture, and delicious street food. Situated on the West Coast, facing the Arabian sea, Bombay, now known as Mumbai, is always buzzing with people. One thing that attracts everyone in Mumbai is the lanes of dazzling food outlets holding various local delights and savories. The colour, taste, and affordability make it popular across the city. Some famous dishes like vada pav have also reached various countries as people migrated. Bombay is also known as Maya Nagri for the endless opportunities it offers to people in employment, especially in the cinema and logistics industries, among others. As a tribute to the city of dreams, we have named our cafe after it. The Bombay Cafe is a great place for friends, couples, and families to hangout. Located in the Central part of Oslo, our cafe aims to provide a space for people living in the city to rejoice, celebrate and share memories with their loved ones. We have specially designed our menu, making sure that it suits any age group right from kids to adults. We also have vegetarian and vegan options equally delicious and colourful. While Mumbai holds the 20th Century marvel, the signature Gateway of India, The Bombay Cafe is the gateway to luscious eats in Oslo and serves as a window to the Mayanagri. We welcome you to build your memories for life at The Bombay Cafe!